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  • Here is the progress picture I took this morning. I figured I would tell you guys a little bit about myself too! In the picture on the right, I weighed 224, wore size 16 jeans and a XXL shirt.

    But I hadn’t always been big… I was pretty fit in high school. I wore size 12 jeans and usually L-XL in shirts. I have a pretty athletic build anyway, so I was pretty thin, even with those size measurements. I don’t know what is worse, honestly, being big all along  or being small once and gaining weight…I was heart broken, every time I looked in the mirror. One day, I had to change it. I was sick of being disgusted every time I looked in the mirror.

    So, I did something about it. I started eating healthy, working out every day and making a life long change. I’m now down to 179, I wear a size 10 jeans (which are starting to be TOO big now!!) and I wear a size L shirt. It is an amazing feeling to have accomplished this much. I still have about 10 pounds to lose! So close to my goal!

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